How to make heart hangers


These adorable heart hangers are quite easy to make and a set will be a fabulous gift.

You will need:

  • Tea towels – linen & cotton
  • Narrow ribbons – try satin & gingham
  • Buttons & beads
  • Red stranded cotton
  • Toy stuffing
  • Heart template

How to make the hearts

  1. Transfer the heart shape template on to a fold in your tea towel. Cut out the heart shape. Hold the fabric firmly, and use sharp, strong scissors because tea towel fabric is thick! Once you’re done, cut out a second heart the same way. If you want to decorate your hearts, then do it now before you sew them up – add pretty buttons or simple embroidered designs.


  1. Next, put your two fabric heart shapes right sides together, so that any decoration you’ve 2 added is facing inwards. Create a loop from ribbon and pin the ends to the top of one of the hearts. Sew the two hearts together using the seam allowance from the template as a guide, and leave a gap for the stuffing along one straight side. This stitching should hold the ends of the ribbon firmly to produce your hanger. Remove all the pins.


  1. Use small, sharp scissors to snip little V shapes, almost to the sewn line edges of the heart. This will give your sachet a much smoother shape. Now push the fabric through the gap you left to turn your heart right- side out. Stuff the heart using plain toy stuffing until it’s reasonably firm, and add lavender or a few drops of essential oil for a scented finish. Once you’re done, carefully sew up the gap by hand.


Source: The making Spot