Candy Sushi

I wanted to start this blog with something sweet, and I stumbled across this recipe of candy sushi! It automatically caught my eye, not only because I love sushi but I have a real sweet tooth! This will be a perfect treat for any occasion with kids, and I myself will grab a pair of chop sticks and join in.


Candy Sushi
• ¾ cup butter
• 6 cups Rice Crispies
• 300g of mini-marshmallows
• Gummy worms
• Fruit roll-ups
• Fish candy (optional)
• Orange slices candy (optional)
• Parchment paper
• Large bowl
• A rolling pin
• Large serrated knife
• Extra butter for greasing


Where to begin

Begin by melting the butter in a medium saucepan, and adding the marshmallows handful by handful, until smooth. Now, add the rice crispy cereal by about a cup at a time, and stir well, until all the rice crispies are incorporated. With the butter wrapper, or a small amount of extra butter rubbed onto a paper towel, smudged all around the inside of a bowl. Plop the rice crispy mix into the bowl, and place in the fridge for 30 minutes.


Prep your workspace with two 14-inch sheets of parchment paper; one is for the top while rolling, and the other is for your surface. Grease your hands and pat the rice crispy mixture down onto your parchment surface. Place the other piece of parchment on top, and roll until the rice crispies are about ½ inch thick.

This is when you can enlist your little helpers, if you so choose. Build a line of gummy worms along the width of one side, about an inch from the edge. I lined by three worms thick—you can also use licorice for this sushi roll filling. Now, pull up on the surface parchment paper, and roll as you would normal sushi.

That is, roll tightly around the filling, and clutch your hands over the roll throughout its length, in order to press the rice crispies together. Slice just outside the enclosed roll, pull the remainder of the crispy sheet away from the roll, and then continue rolling until you can achieve that there is no seem in the roll. Wrap the roll with fruit joined roll-ups; they stretch very easily, and connect with ease. Place your roll in the fridge.

You’ve made your first Candy Sushi Roll! Creating the “Nigiri” candy sushi is optional, but a really cute look. I used orange slices and Swedish fish candy for the “raw fish” portion that is placed on top. I thought it would be fun to use circus peanuts, because you could shape them— I just couldn’t find any at the store.

Bah! I took one fruit roll up and cut it into strips, shaped the rice crispies into little rectangles, then placed the “raw” candy and wrapped the strip around it as if it was seaweed holding the fish atop rice. Place each piece into the fridge, and let it harden slightly for about 30 minutes.


Lastly, using the serrated knife, slice each piece of candy sushi, ½-1 inch thick, with vigorous sawing motions, this helps to maintain the circular shape. However, if any should misshape, its easy to mold back. So I store them in the fridge until I’m ready to give away!

Source: My own Ideas Blog