10 Make-Up Must Haves


Most women have the same exact problem: a cosmetic bag that’s overflowing, but no clue exactly what to do with all the products. That’s when it’s time to take a back-to-basics approach: These 10 products are all you need for a flawless face.

1. A No-Show Foundation

Stop by any cosmetics counter and ask for help finding your shade. If you’re fending for yourself, swipe a few colors vertically across your jawline, and whichever one is barely visible is your best bet.



2. A Super Concealer

Concealer is the only way to get rid of dark circles. And while it may just be a temporary fix, with the right technique you can hide them completely.




3. A Natural Blush 

The right shade will make you look like you’re blushing, not like you’re wearing blush. For a natural look, start with lighter shades, and skip any with shimmer.



4. A Great Eyelash Curler 

Most eyelashes grow outward, not upward, so applying mascara without curling your lashes won’t provide the same impact.



5. Clump – Free Mascara

Mascara thickens as it’s exposed to air over time, which leads to clumps. If yours is goopy, toss it! Or try a different brand.



6. A Glide On Eye Liner

Eyes are sensitive, and probably don’t take kindly to us slathering them with makeup — especially on the sensitive rims and inner lash lines. Always use a soft pencil that glides on without any pressure or tugging, and be sure the product is labeled as ophthalmologist-tested.




7.  A Allover Highlighter 

A slightly shimmery cream highlighter has many uses — from lifting your brows to slimming your nose to sculpting your cheeks. Choose a soft nude, peach, or pink for the most versatility.



8. The perfect nude lipstick 

Chapped lips should be taken care of before you even think of applying lipstick.




9. A Basic Flattering Eye shadow 

Use a soft eye shadow brush to sweep shadow across lids, blending into and just above creases. Make sure to use light, feathery strokes so that there are no hard lines.



10. A Good Brush Set 

With the right brush for the job, you can perform makeup miracles.




Source: Lady’s Home Journal